Project Name Online Seminars
Duration April 2000 - September 2000

Granitar implemented a web site for Three projects had to be managed concurrently. Christian was the architect responsible for the online seminars section. He was involved during the full lifecycle of the project. He collaborated with 3rd party vendors. Organic provided the site map, schematics and HTML code. INTEL provided ASP code for the Media Player integration as well as hard- and software for the back office mediation workstation to encode videos. Granitar assembled the site. Christian conducted a streaming media provider survey (220K) and made a recommendation to

Christian defined the hardware requirements, crafted the solution architecture (1.1M) and led the development process during implementation, QA and post-launch support. He provided the technical design of the sign-on process ( 21K). Christian intalled the software stack at the staging and production environments and deployed the site for launch. He was the designated database administrator for the project. He created the data model and implemented it on SQL Server.

Christian also converted existing user accounts from various sources. Christian defined security policies for Netegrity Siteminder and administered Siteminder in the development, staging and production environments.

Technology Used
  • NT 4.0
  • SQL Server 7
  • Microsoft IIS 4.0
  • ASP
  • Netegrity Siteminder
  • Verity Toolkit
  • Microsoft Windows Media
Other Information

Probably the most challenging aspect of the project was the concurrent development with 2 other projects (content at and commerce at All 3 projects independently deployed components. All 3 projects shared components that needed to be modified. Christian was able to establish a process to successfully manage these overlapping deployment cycles.

Another challange was the inefficient HTML code that Organic provided. Christian realized that only a rewrite would solve the problems. The ASP templates developed by the Seminars team were eventually used throughout the site.

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Law later received the TechnoLawyer@Award for the Online Seminars site.