Project Name Non-Cash Terminal
Client Raiffeisen Rechenzentrum
Duration 1994

The objective of the project was the design and development of a self-service terminal for branch foyers. The unit was assembled by a vendor and contained a touch-screen monitor, a keyboard, a pin pad, a scanner with handwriting recognition software, an impact printer and a card reader. IBM was the general contractor. Sub-contractors included a creative design firm for the user interface, two software firms developing the low-level software for the hardware integration, the hardware vendor, the OCR software vendor,

Christian managed all aspects of the client development. He worked with IBM and its subcontractors to develop specifications, signed off on deliveries and integrated hard- and software components. He was also fully responsible for the in-house development of the Ultimedia Builder application.

Encrypting pin pads are very sensitive devices. Private keys for the PIN encryption are managed by Europay. Christian was responsible for creating a lab environment to load keys received from Europay into the devices before they were shipped to the vendor for final assembly.

Technology Used
  • OS/2
  • IBM Ultimedia Builder
  • Proprietory 3rd party products
Other Information