Project Name Staffing Application for HR
Client Casinos Austria
Duration 1990 - 1993

The project was intended to support the HR department with all aspects of seasonally staffing the casinos. Christian conducted a long requirements definition phase with the HR department. Many meetings were held, and many prototypes were developed. The project was challenging from both a business analysis as well as a technical perspective. The software would manage all historical assigments for all employees, along with promotions, salary and other sensitive information. It was able to generate seasonal staffing lists for all 12 casinos, based on rules and historic data. The HR associate was then able to refine the list interactively.

The application ran on Novell 3.11 and supported multiple concurrent users. It was replaced with an SAP-based solution shortly after it officially went into production.

Technology Used
  • Clipper Summer 87
  • NetLib
  • Blinker 3
  • Novell 3.11
Other Information

Screen shot