Project Name RISD
Client Raiffeisen Rechenzentrum
Duration 1996 - 1997

Racon designed and developed a client-server architecture to be used by all in-house application development projects. The architecture was built on the DCE/RPC standard on Unix and MS-RPC on Windows. The communication between Unix and MVS was handled by a custom RPC implementation on top of LU 6.2. Several middleware-applications on the Unix platform carried out framework functions like authentication and authorization, error handling and messaging, logging and tracing, connection status management and load balancing.

Christian managed the development team and designed large parts of the framework. He was responsible for assigning tasks to eight software engineers and supervising the execution. He documented the framework, trained users (=application developers) and was deeply involved in launching the first few applications that used the framework. He spent many hours troubleshooting the communication between Windows PCs, Unix servers and the MVS host, using tools on all three platforms, including a CICS monitor.

Christian extended the original architecture to enable dynamic reconnects from the client tier after the host has been offline. He also redesigned the authorization management for better performance.

Technology Used
  • Centura SQL Windows
  • Microsoft C
  • Sinix
  • Informix
  • MVS Cobol
  • Multimedia Viewer
Other Information

Christian developed a concise online-documentation system covering Windows development, Unix development and MVS/Cobol development standards, custom tools (code generators) and a trouble-shooting guide (269K), based on Microsoft Multimedia Viewer (a now obsolete Microsoft tool).