Project Name
Client Standard & Poors, New York
Duration Aug 2001 - Nov 2003

In August 2001, the Internet Marketing Team of Standard & Poor´s hired Granitar to convert the existing site at into an Open Market Content Server implementation. Christian was The Solution Architect and involved from the very beginning. After receiving the RFP, he worked with the project manager to estimate the effort and wrote a section of the proposal (1.0M) with a detailed technical explanation of the requested features. Christian was then involved in the requirements definition phase of the project and participated in workshops with the creative team and the executive steering committee at Standard & Poor´s.

Christian also created and documented the Solution Architecture (716K). The solution architecture describes the hardware and software used for the production, staging and development environments. It also deals with implications of performance, redundancy and, because it is produced so early in the project, contains some very high-level design design decisions.. Christian gathered technical information from 3rd party vendors (MarketFirst and WebTrends) and internal groups at the client and created the Solution Design document (4.9M).

Christian managed 5 software engineers developing through application development and bug fixing cycles. He acted as configuration manager, responsible for daily QA releases. He deployed the solution at Standard & Poor's in-house server farm.

There were several follow-up projects, most notably the addition of local-language sites for German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. This was made possible by using UTF-8 encoding throughout the application. However, a large number of encoding-related issued surfaced at the interfaces to 3rd party products and external systems that did not support UTF-8. Verity was the most notorious example. Christian was involved in these projects as well in several roles: architect, DBA, configuration manager, developer.

Technology Used
  • Solaris 8
  • Oracle 8.1.7
  • iPlanet Web Server 4.1
  • iPlanet Application Server 6
  • Open Market Content Server and Content Centre 3.6.2
  • Webtrends Commercetrends 3.0
  • MarketFirst
  • Verity K2 Enterprise 4.0
  • Netcharts Beans
  • I18N (Internationalization)
  • L10N (Localization)
Other Information The site can be viewed at