Project Name Casino Admission Restrictions
Client Casinos Austria
Duration 1987-1990

The subject of the project was the port of an existing database application from a proprietory Siemens hardware and operating system to an MS/DOS PC. The application was rewritten in Clipper. The program is still used today to track admission to the casinos. By law, Casinos Austria must maintain such a database to prevent addicted gamblers and customers who voluntarily ask to be added to the database to protect themselves, from entering the casinos.

The customer relations office employs a staff of three to four people. They manipulate the database concurrently and generate reports. Casinos receive a weekly database extract. Guests who are entering a casino in Austria must show identification. The receptionist looks up the data in the database and admission is denied if a record is found.

Customers who have been denied admission to a casino can show proof of sufficient income or funds in person. The restriction may or may not be removed from the database. The system supports the office with all these tasks. The database contained over 60000 records at time, which challenged performance at times. It was important to efficiently define database indexes and use them as much as possible in the application.

Technology Used
  • Clipper Summer 87
  • NetLib
  • Blinker 3
  • Novell 3.11
Other Information

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