Project Name SunLink
Client Group Division Sales
Duration Nov 1997 - Mar 2000

The purpose of Sunlink was to redesign the process of acquiring customers and manage claims for the group insurance division of Sun Life. Naturally, this effort involved the entire division. The systems part of the project involved a large staff of external consultants (CSC), sometimes twenty individuals.

The solution was designed to use Forte's distributes object technology. Technically, it was an early variant of today's 3-tiered application server architectures. Forte was later bought by Sun Microsystems.

Christian assisted the architecture team with completing small parts of the design work, working with Select Enterprise Modeler. The team used Notes databases to manage bug reports between QA and development, database change requests between the developers and the DBA and other administrative tasks. Christian also wrote a set of Crystal reports to display to results of the rating engine.

Technology Used
  • Forté
  • MS SQL Server 6.5
  • Crystal Reports
  • Select Enterprise Modeler
  • Lotus Notes
Other Information