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10/2000: Check this out! Our wedding pictures are now online!

1/2001: The wedding video! 28k (modem) or 100k (cable, DSL, T1) stream
(Windows Media Player)

8/2003: Believe it or not, but 3 years after our wedding this web site actually won an award :-) Because of the expected traffic on the site I remove all the contact info from the registration page and disabled the registration.

Wedding Shower Gifts Way Cool Wedding Site of the Week Award
Proud Winner of the
Wedding Shower Gifts

Way Cool Wedding Site of the Week Award

Pamela and Christian are getting married!

Deutsch bitte!

The event will take place on Friday, July 21, 2000. Christian will be on vacation the whole week before the wedding to party and accommodate the guests, and Pam will be on vacation anyways. After the wedding we will be around for a couple of days to say Good Bye to everyone and resolve any remaining organizational issues.

The (already slightly less) bad news first

Planned Schedule

Saturday, 7/15/2000 Bachelor's Party
Tuesday, 7/18/2000 Austrian's night out
Wednesday, 7/19/2000 Rehearsal-Dinner at the Donner's home
Thursday, 7/20/2000 Cocktails at the Donner's home
Friday, 7/21/2000 4:00-5.00 Wedding Ceremony, Sacred Heart Church, Fall River, MA
6:00-12:00 Wedding Reception, Glen Manor House, Portsmouth, RI
Saturday, 7/21/2000 Re-Grouping
Monday, 7/24/2000 Leaving for our honeymoon

Contact Information

Pamela and Christian Donner
43 Bancroft Road
Stoughton, MA 02072
home: +1-781-341-4690
office: +1-508-810-1170
cellular: +1-617-610-1527

The Glen Manor House
Coelho Drive
Portsmouth, RI 02871